Lots of Maple To Be Found at Franklin County Field Days

By Staci DaSilva | sdasilva@nexstar.tv

Published 07/31 2014 05:16PM

Updated 07/31 2014 08:30PM


Franklin County Field Days is underway in Highgate as of Thursday afternoon.

In true Vermont fashion, we explored the Franklin County Sugarhouse. The County sugarmakers take out all the stops for the county’s annual Field Days.

“We got maple cream donuts, and maple cream cones,” said Cecile Branon with Franklin County Sugarmakers as she showed our crew around the sugarhouse. “We have maple candies, which is a big favorite. We just made a fresh batch of cotton candy. Over here, we've got maple cremees."

Cecile Branon says there are more than 400 sugarmakers in Franklin County. Proceeds from sugarhouse sales go back to their association.

Their mission is to drive home the fact that maple is for more than your pancakes.

Maple is a great product. It's got nutritional value. It's got antioxidants," explained Branon.


While some of us visit fairs for just a few hours, others make it a week-long trip, like the Rowells.

Tammy Rowell and her daughter, Megan could easily commute to the Franklin County Field Days. They live just 4 miles away on their farm, Green Mountain Dairy Farm. But that just wouldn't cut it.

“It's nice to hang out here,” said Tammy Rowell. “It gives us the comfort of our home here. We're here all day long on our feet. We walk. There's been days where it's been 90 degrees and it's nice to come to the camper. We have cookouts."


They first started camping at Field Days almost 20 years ago when they signed up for tractor pulling.

Tammy and Megan say all the campers have become a community.

“It's really nice to see them because with dairying, this is how we get together,” said Tammy Rowell.

“We don't do much vacationing as dairy farmers because it's hard to get away from the farm. So this is close to home so it's easy to come here and spend time together here,” said Megan Rowell.

$10 gets you into the fair. Admission includes unlimited rides and exhibits.

Field Days runs from Thursday-Sunday.

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