Maple Season on Hold for Cold

Published 03/06 2014 07:21PM

Updated 03/06 2014 07:34PM

HUNTINGTON, Vt. - The maple open house at Audubon Vermont is as much about learning as it is about tasting.

“People come out they can see all the things and take all the educational tours,” Program Conservation Manager Mark LaBarr said.

But the question leading up to the Vermont Maple Open House weekend is will there be any syrup? The weekend is scheduled for March 22, 23 and 30 and the old-time sap buckets here are cold and dry.

“That's the discussion point. Do you think it will run tomorrow, when do you think it will run next, I don't know,” LaBarr said.

This whole week has been too cold for the sap to start flowing and even today temperatures aren't ideal. In order for the tin buckets to fill up it needs to be around 40 degrees.

“It will flow at some point in time. Everyone knows that will happen,” LaBarr said.

But will it flow in time for the maple open house? Some parts of Vermont might see 40’s on Saturday but after that things are expected to cool back down.

“As long as we have two to three days prior we'll be good to go,” LaBarr said.

LaBarr hopes that happens because the open house dates aren't changing and the Audubon sugar on snow sales aren't just for profit.

“We do it as a fundraiser,” LaBarr said.

Money from the open house goes to help the Audubon's educational program, teaching kids about nature and even sugaring.

Open house is two weeks away and LaBarr says there's only one thing to do about the weather.

“For us right now it's basically just sit back and wait.”

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