Milton High School Looks to Eliminate Hazing

By Alex Rose

Published 08/25 2014 10:32PM

Updated 08/25 2014 10:45PM

Milton, Vt.- Superintendent John Barone and Milton's school board wanted to get community input on the alleged hazing incident that happened with the football team.

"It's hard to believe that actually took place here because there are enough people with enough eyeballs that should be looking out for that," said one concerned Milton High School graduate.

Some members of the community were troubled that hazing happened on school grounds.

One idea the school board brought up was supervision of areas, including the block house being bolstered by faculty.

The school board also recommended training for staff to recognize the signs of hazing.

The school hopes to bring Rick Farnham, a specialist, to promote education.

“This will be the second year working with Mr. Farnham,” said Superintendent John Barone. “He has a curriculum that he delivers titled, ‘Athletic Leadership & Hazing Education.’ Mr. Farnham also wants to be part of meeting with the coaches this year, so we have already reached out a hand to Mr. Farnham to work with us as a district.

Board members also addressed how the hazing incident should have been reported and recommended bringing in a representative from the department of children and families to do training on mandated reporting.

The board is also considering reaching out to the agency of human services to do an audit of the High School’s reporting system.

Superintendent Barone hopes these ideas reassure families: the priority is to keep students safe.

“This is not how we define our community,” Barone said. “This is an unfortunate thing that happened. Five young men made in my opinion a foolish mistake. This does not define who we are as a district."

Another idea brought up is implementing an anonymous reporting system for the district.

There will be a public forum on this investigation in late September or early October.

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