Monsters Ink 9 Community All-Stars

Published 08/22 2014 10:35PM

Updated 08/22 2014 11:08PM

Burlington, VT -- Today the Vermont Lake Monsters looked to the future, signing nine standouts kids in communities from all over Vermont and New York, to be a part of the the first Little Lake Monsters Community All-Star Team.

"Couple months ago when we teamed up with Northwestern Urgent Care We were really looking to build the next Lake Monsters team." Lake Monsters general manager Nate Cloutier told the crowd gathered at the press conference. "Even when the Oakland Athletics are in town it always comes back to community. So today, after looking through nearly 200 applications we're proud to announce the nine new little Lake Monsters Community All-Stars."

These nine little stars were chosen not just for their efforts on the field. They are: Ethan Fritz of Bristol, VT, Mira Filion of Shelburne, VT, Dustin Beloin of Jay, VT, Connor Nielson of Swanton, VT, Grace Arcovitch of Essex Junction, VT, Maddie Montagne of St. Albans, VT, Ethan Schwaner of Poultney, VT, Storm Rushford of Williston, VT, and Brady Doorey of Morrisonville, NY.

"Going to visit the elderly in the nursing homes, or the homeless at cots." said Cloutier. "One of them saving a percentage of their allowance and donating it to charity. We were beaten to the punch to the announcement from ESPN's Buster Olney."

And with a very special introduction from Vermont's own Buster Olney, the Little Lake Monsters signed their official one-day contracts. 

The day continued for the Little Monsters in first class-fashion, with a limousine ride to the ballpark. 
And after these Little Lake Monsters took some batting practice, it was time for them to warm their arms up, they'd be throwing out tonight's opening pitch.

"Well I was really nervous, I didn't know if it was going to be right on the target." said Maddie Montagne of St. Albans. "So it was pretty scary but it bounced back up, and it was right where it was supposed to be so I felt pretty proud." 

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