Montgomery Couple Celebrates Christmas Without Power

By Staci DaSilva |

Published 12/25 2013 04:36PM

Updated 12/26 2013 05:06AM

We're now onto day 5 for some folks without power after this weekend's ice storm. Those left in the dark, are trying their best to keep up their christmas spirits.

Eavid and Lori Lagro have survived plenty of power outages over the years. But none of them were on Christmas Day and definitely none stuck around this long.

Eavid Lagro said, "We've lost power before. But the longest we've ever lost it before was like 6 hours. This time when we lost it, it's been 5 days."

Christmas morning, the power lines heading into the Lagros home weren’t carrying any juice to power their Christmas tree or heat their stove, but they're finding a way around it even when it's tough.

Lori Lagro said, "[It’s] difficult because we ended up losing all our stuff in our freezer, our refrigerator. So we had to throw everything out. We've had to run cords so we could have light."

Luckily they received a generator from Eavid’s boss, a Christmas gift they never thought they'd need or want but one that definitely came in handy.

The generator's main function is for heat and with temps around 0 degrees Tuesday night, it was a necessity.

Eavid Lagro said, "All of our pipes would have been froze and who knows how many are froze now. Our hot water tank may be froze up."

So for Lori and Eavid, even with no gifts under the tree or family able to make the trip, they have each other. While ice storms don't seem to care about holidays Lori and Eavid still do.

"You can't predict an ice storm. If it's going to come, it's going to come. You can't stop it. So you just have to make the best of it,” Lori said.

"We're up here. We're safe. We will continue on,” said Eavid.

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