Municipal Office Complex Meets Opposition

By Megan Carpenter |

Published 04/04 2014 07:27PM

Updated 04/04 2014 07:55PM

WATERBURY, Vt.- On Town Meeting Day, voters approved a nearly $3 million bond to build a 17.000 square foot municipal office building. After 253 community members signed a petition opposing it, construction could be up for a re-vote.

"We unfortunately have to spend some money getting through this vote," says Selectboard Chair, Chris Nordle.  "It's going to cost a few thousand dollars between ballots and programming the ballot machines."

Everett Coffey composed the petition.  He says he opposes the nearly $5 million construction project for two reasons:

-He wants the old municipal office building rebuilt instead.

-He does not agree with the $100 per year tax increase to each household in order to pay back the construction bond.

"There's many folks in this community, a lot more than signed this petition who are concerned about the future of Waterbury and how long they can stay in their homes and how much they can afford," says Coffey.

Town Officials say the cost is minimal for a project created to benefit Waterbury.

"For people to say it's going to be so expensive, it amounts to buying one cup of coffee per household per week to build something generations will use and enjoy," says Roy Lloyd, a member of the Municipal Building Committee.  

The vote for the construction was approved 809 to 617.  The re-vote will be discussed at Monday's Selectboard meeting.  It must be decided on within 60 days.

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