New Homelessness Report Shows Rise in Central Vermont

By Megan Carpenter |

Published 06/03 2014 06:55PM

Updated 06/03 2014 07:33PM

MONTPELIER, Vt.- Montpelier Town Service Officer Rick DeAngelis says he wanted city council members to know the extent of homelessness in Central Vermont.  He wrote a report addressing it and presented it to them last week.

"Nationally, reports show homelessness has gone down, but in Vermont and Montpelier apparently the rates have gone up," says DeAngelis.

DeAngelis's report shows those accessing emergency services, shelters, transitional housing services has gone up steadily since 2009. 

olice say they've also seen a slight increase in reports of non-criminal trespassing and city ordinance violations, two crimes commonly associated with transients. 

"We deal with it, give them an educational part and if it's a problem, we'll deal with it accordingly, but often times they're here for a day or two and move on," says Montpelier Police Sgt. Neil Martel.

City leaders say more homeless individuals from out of state come to Vermont because the state is known for having the resources to help them.  DeAngelis says more resources are always needed.   

"Resources are needed absolutely because poverty and lack of housing is what we're dealing with here," says DeAngelis.

City leaders budget nearly $100,000 per year for a community fund.  Organizations which aid the homeless can apply for some of that money.  

"We'll make sure we continue to budget enough for our community fund each and every year," says City Manager Bill Fraser.

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