New Report Looks at Vermont Car Crashes

Published 01/29 2014 06:59PM

Updated 01/29 2014 07:20PM

WINOOSKI, Vt. - A new Vermont Agency of Transportation report looked into car crashes, including where they happened and if people were distracted or wearing their seat belt.

If you're driving on Route 127 in Burlington, at the intersection of Main Street and Route 7 in Burlington, or through the Winooski roundabout, you might want to be careful.

"There's just too many accidents that have been going on," says David Lebeau, who lives in Winooski.

In a new report, the Vermont Agency of Transportation ranked the circle as one of the places that on average had the most serious car crashes.

172 crashes in the past five years. Drivers we talked to were not surprised.

"People think they see other people going and then they just think they can go too," says Matt Usifer, who is visiting Winooski.

"There is just a lot of confusion," says Jessica Jakobson, who lives in Winooski.

The new report finds overall major car crashes are down from ten years ago. But distracted driving crashes were up from three resulting in injuries or death in 2004 to 15 in 2013.

"I see people all the time. They are looking down so they clearly don't have their eyes on the road. Yeah, I see that every day almost, sadly," says Jakobson.

"I don't do it. I think it's dangerous for sure," says Usifer.

Also concerning, the report found little change in the number of people who died in a crash while not wearing a helmet or seatbelt.
Just last year, out of the 71 people who died in cars 24 were not wearing seat belts.

But most people we talked to said they did wear one.

"Oh yea, I got a lot to live for. I'm not taking any chances," says Peg Allen, who works in Winooski.

Last year, five people died while operating an ATV or snowmobile in Vermont. None of them were wearing helmets.

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