New Rotary Officially Coming to Waterbury

By Megan Carpenter |

Published 06/17 2014 07:28PM

Updated 06/17 2014 07:59PM

WATERBURY, Vt.- After nearly 10 years of planning, construction for a rotary in Waterbury will start Thursday.  The intersection of Route 2 and 100 off of Exit 10 will undergo construction from June to November, according to Selectboard member John Grenier.

"We hope the roundabout works great," says Grenier.  "We think it will and that it's going to be a positive entrance into the community and just lead us into the construction of Main Street and the State Office complex."

Community members say the intersection is known for congestion.

"Have you ever driven through that intersection? It's horrible," says Waterbury resident Bob Butler.  "It needs to be upgraded and a roundabout would be a great thing and the flow of traffic would be fabulous."

There is concern among some business owners.  Jim Quinn has owned Crossroads Beverage and Deli on Route 2 for 21 years.

"One of the biggest concerns is the impact it would have on our business through the construction period and the impact it might have long term depending on how effective the roundabout is and how effectively it moves traffic," says Quinn.

Quinn appealed the project.  After court ordered mediation, the appeal was dismissed Monday.  The town agreed to put permanent "no stopping" signs and road markings in front of his business to ease traffic flow.

Quinn says he also disagrees with the cost of the project, which Grenier says is $3.3 million.  Though mostly paid for on the state and federal levels, taxpayers will have to pay back $100,000.

Town Attorney Joe Mclean says Quinn was compensated with $20,000 for any inconveniences construction may cause him.   

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