Nicer Weather Leads To More Burglaries In Burlington

By Staci DaSilva |

Published 05/18 2014 05:46PM

Updated 05/18 2014 08:22PM


As the temperature rises, so do burglaries in the Queen City, according to the Burlington Police Department.

That’s something that concerns Deb Burbank: “Yea, it's always on our minds, the back of our minds at least,” said said.

Burbank says she always locks her doors and keeps the lights on in her home. And if need be, she has a protector.

“It's called a pit bull. He's very friendly and loving but anyone who comes to our house wouldn't know that,” said Burbank.

The Burlington Police Department says there are burglary reports weekly in the city.

“There are certain times throughout the year that we see spikes in which burglaries occur,” explained Burlington Deputy Chief Bruce Bovat. “Warm weather definitely brings them. People are more apt to keep their doors open, their windows open and it's an enticement to those people who are out looking to burglarize.”

Deputy Chief Bovat says the vast majority of thefts from within cars involve unlocked doors and unlocked windows. So if you like it, lock it.

And when you lock both your car windows and at home, make sure they are secure and use lighting.

Keep valuables out of sight. Burglars are, most of the time, opportunists.

“Park in a good location,” said Deputy Chief Bovat. “I mean, I know parking can be a challenge sometimes in Burlington, but taking the time to find a good location. Using the parking garages will help because you have people who are around in that vicinity."

And for all you newly-graduated college students or those sticking around, don’t let your guard down.

“Amount of thefts seems to take a spike at that time because of the transition. People are subletting or they're leaving items behind or they're so excited and wrapped up in the fact that they're graduating, understandably, that they don't think to just take the time to secure their items,” said Bovat.

Getting to know your neighbors is a great way to have eyes on your home when you're away.

Another tip Deputy Chief Bovat gave us is while tall bushes or trees in your yard can give you privacy, it can also give burglars a hiding spot from prying eyes while they try to break into your home.

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