Police: Elderly Man Loses Thousands in Publishing Clearing House Scam

By Joe Gullo

Published 04/14 2014 02:19PM

Updated 04/14 2014 02:20PM

RICHMOND, Vt. - The Richmond Police Department received a fraud complaint on Monday from an elderly man in Richmond. 

Police say the man was told that he had won a substantial cash prize from Publisher's Clearing House. The man was presented with a check for approximately $6,000 as an advance of his winnings. 

Police say the man was told to send $5,000 cash, the balance which was needed to claim his prize, to an address in Baltimore, Maryland. The man sent the money to the Baltimore address. 

When the elderly man tried to cash his winnings, the check bounced. He had not heard from the scammers since. 

Police are reminding the public that legitimate operations do not require payment to collect winnings. 

Police say they are withholding the victim and the scammer's name. 

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