Police: Suspicious Piece of Mail Sent to Vermont Health Access Isn't Dangerous

By Joe Gullo

Published 03/07 2014 12:12PM

Updated 03/07 2014 07:04PM

UPDATE: Police say the white powder came from a generic prescription medication. Police spoke with the person who sent the letter. It contained an application for insurance. No criminal charges will be filed.

WILLISTON, Vt. - A suspicious letter was mailed toVermont Health Access located on Hurricane Lane Friday morning, according to Commissioner of Vermont Health Access Mark Larson.

The Vermont Hazmat team determined that a white substance found in a piece of mail is not dangerous. Officials say the substance was a non-harmful generic prescription medication. 

Police say the letter was an application for insurance. The person's generic medication accidentally got mixed into the envelope.

The piece of mail was opened in the mail room, which is located in the bottom of the building. After the employee opened the letter, the person walked around the building asking what to do. Because of this, police had to isolate multiple people. Those people were taken away from the scene to be evaluated and treated by EMTs.

The entire building of about 50 to 60 people were evacuated. Those state employees are now headed home. 

Police are investigating to see if the letter was sent with malicious intent.

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