Police & VTrans Keep Roads Driveable During Storm

By Staci DaSilva | sdasilva@nexstar.tv

Published 03/13 2014 06:48PM

Updated 03/13 2014 07:12PM


It was a slick one out there.

And law enforcement wasn't taking any chances when it came to speeders.

"Speed limit says 65 mph, doesn't mean you have to do that. This is inclement driving. This roadway is complete ice,” explained VSP Trooper Paul Badger to a motorist.

Trooper Paul Badger says on days like Thursday, speed is what makes the difference between staying on the road and sliding off it.

The big danger comes from roads that look clear, but are actually covered in ice.

“But it also could be just the icy, packed down snow and ice that are on the roadways,” explained Badger. “That's where people tend to drive way too fast for the road conditions."

As for this mid-March storm in particular, the main themes were minor accidents and cars in ditches, nothing dispatchers couldn't handle.

“The call volume, as of now, has been slow to moderate and I think that's due to the media and VTrans alerts to keep people home if they don't need to be out,” said Trooper Badger.

VTrans crews knew Wednesday, they were in for a long couple days.

“As we predicted, it was a challenging night, and it's been a challenging day,” said Dave Blackmore, VTrans District 5 Administrator. “The good news is that we've had our trucks out around the clock here and they have been able to keep everything plowed off and opened up."

I-89 was closed near Saint Albans for a short time Thursday morning due to a tractor trailer crash.

High winds and blowing snow caused visibility problems on the road.

VTrans is even reporting several crashes involving drivers rear-ending its plow trucks.

"From the wind catching the snow, it creates a way out behind us and the vehicle coming up doesn't know that there's a slower moving vehicle ahead of them and have rear-ended us,” said Blackmore.

Luckily, no major injuries were reported in those crashes.

According to VTrans, it was just too cold for salt to do any good on Thursday morning and afternoon. But it will most likely be used once the roads are able to warm up.

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