Poop Proposal in Montpelier

Published 01/08 2014 07:20PM

Updated 01/08 2014 07:45PM

Montpelier City Councilors are looking to introduce a new ordinance that would fine people for not picking up their pet’s waste.

The place that’s been impacted the most is Hubbard Park.

“People have discovered what a wonderful place it is,” Susan Ritz said.

“But with dogs comes some problems.”

Ritz says the problems started piling up. With 400 registered dogs in Montpelier, poop pickup was becoming an issue.

“That's a lot of waste and waste is like any raw sewage,” Ritz said.

Ritz is on a dog waste committee that looked for solutions. She says smelling or stepping in poop is only part of the problem.

“There are parasites and different types of things that in dog poop,” Ritz said.

Currently if dog waste is off the walking trail owners don't have to worry about it. But the city council is considering tightening the leash on dog owners.

They're proposing a new measure that would fine pet owners $30 the first time if they don't remove the poop from public property.

In November the city of Montpelier took the first step by installing these pet waste stations so that people leaving the park have an easy solution for where to put their dogs waste.

“Now I haven't seen anything,” Ritz said.

“It's been great. So people have gotten the message even before the ordinance is changed.”

Ritz says she doesn’t expect police to make this a top priority, or even necessarily enforce it. But she believes having the ordinance will spur pet owners to be responsible for one another and encourage poop pick up.

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