Pre-Checked Passengers Can Fly Through Airport Security

Published 12/20 2013 02:59PM

Updated 12/20 2013 07:30PM

It's become standard. Shoes off, jacket off, liquids in a bag.

Airport security lines can get long if you're unprepared.

But a new option starts today that might allow you to zip through the line.

Christmas is just days away and millions are taking to the sky to get to their loved ones. About 10,000 people fly through Burlington International Airport each week, but around this time of year, it's about 12,000. So during this busy travel time, imagine flying through security.

"It usually takes about five minutes," Federal Security Director Bruce McDonald said.

Burlington International Airport is now offering a pre-checked option. Frequent flyers, and anyone willing to go through a background check and finger printing will go through a separate line.

"This actually helps us get our passengers who present no security risk right up to the front and helps speed us along," McDonald said.

McDonald says this will allow Transportation Security Administration agents to focus on people who may present a risk. Pre-checked flyers will be able to keep their shoes and jacket on - liquids and laptop packed.

"As a frequent flyer, I do enjoy the benefits of getting through security much quicker," Sherry Ricker said.

But, there is a fee. 85 bucks every five years.

"The 85 dollars to not miss a flight could be worth it," Ricker added.

To give everyone else on the plane peace of mind, pre-checked passengers and their bags are still scanned.

"I feel like it's probably going to be a really good thing for travelers and I don't think it will make it any more dangerous," Derrick Lambert said.

Best piece of advice, arrive two hours early and if you're not pre-checked, have your shoes untied!

To figure out how to get pre-checked, head to:

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