Rare Snow Day in Burlington for Businesses, Schools, Workers

By Steph Machado

Published 03/13 2014 06:49PM

Updated 03/13 2014 07:17PM

BURLINGTON - Vermonters don't usually stop their day-to-day activities for a little snow. But Thursday's 18.7 inch dump stopped the city in its tracks.

For UVM student Domenica Dottavio, canceled classes meant playing in fresh powder instead of hitting the books.

"It's the first snow day I've had since being here for four years," she said, before jumping in a snow pile on Church Street.

The daycare facility where Katelyn Rinaldi works was closed, and she took advantage of the rare snow day.

"I decided to put on some old cross country skis and just ski around town, check out places that are open and get some fresh air," she said after we stopped her to chat during her cross-country jaunt.

Many  businesses on the Church Street Marketplace closed Wednesday night and stayed that way through Thursday. USPS letter carrier Jeff Towsley's attempts to deliver mail were futile, as most businesses weren't open when he stopped by to drop off the mail.

It was practically a competition for the best "we're closed" sign; my favorite was at Jess: "There's some snow...People are freaking out...so we decided to give ourselves a snow day! Because how many of those do you get when you're an adult?"

Outdoor Gear Exchange was open, and got creative by putting their sign on top of the giant snow pile in front of the entrance.

CCTA buses were back on schedule Thursday afternoon after the storm caused an interruption in service for the morning commute. That was a relief to Anne Williams, who was leaving work and would've had to walk six miles.

"I'm a state employee, so usually when the buses aren't running that state's not running. But today they didn't coincide," she said.

And with dad home from work, an adventurous kid named Griffin got to climb the 7-foot snow piles on the street.

"Climbing mountains!" he exclaimed.

There is a parking ban in effect Thursday night into Friday from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. All cars must be off the streets.

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