Re-Vote Fails for Colchester School Budget

By Christine Souders |

Published 05/06 2014 07:39PM

Updated 05/06 2014 08:00PM

COLCHESTER, VT- After about $450,000 was cut from the proposed Colchester School Budget, people headed back to the polls for a re-vote.

"Both the town and the school have done a good job at reducing the budgets, and the impact is less," said Karen Richard, Colchester Town Clerk/Treasurer.

But it failed again.

This after the school board made changes to the proposed budget of just over $36 million in March on Town Meeting Day, which was defeated by 600 votes.

"I wan't my school budget to pass, it's really important for the generations after me to have the same opportunities that I've been afforded, and without the school budget passing that can't happen,"said Teremy Garen, Colchester High School Senior.

The budget of $35.5 million dollars that failed on Tuesday, cut a big chunk in technology, eliminating a program that gives laptops to incoming freshmen, and Chrome Books to middleschoolers.

Technology, Senior Teremy Garen said the District has room for improvement already, "There's a lot we can do to keep with the rest of the schools around us."

The District also trimmed from other areas, including teachers salaries, special education, and a few staff positions.

A soon-to-be-parent in the Colchester District said he's concerned for future students, if the budget continues to get smaller and smaller

"These are pillars of our community doing the most important work, and I say give them what they need," said Chris Cox.

And re-voting itself adds up

"Elections cost money. In march, it cost about 4,000 to 5,000 dollars for an election, so we'd like to get the numbers right the first time, and not have to keep revoting," said Richard.

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