Republican Governor Candidates Debate the Issues

By Alex Rose

Published 08/19 2014 10:36PM

Updated 08/19 2014 11:46PM

Essex, Vt.- Whether it's health care, jobs or state spending, Vermont republicans gathered for the Republican's Governors debate.

But some people's expectations were let down.

“I came here tonight to hear Scott Milne talk about jobs in Vermont and what his plan was, and I was disappointed,” said Vermont Republican Bill Lawrence.

Four places and seats but only three candidates, candidate Scott Milne didn't show up to tonight’s debate. In a statement, his reasoning was: “Two of the three folks at the event tonight will be opposing the republican candidate after the primary.”

He also wished the candidates good luck.

“I think Scott has lost me as an enrolled Republican, and I'm now going to sit here tonight and look at the other candidates and say who best can represent me as a republican in November,” Lawrence said.

Candidates Emily Peyton, Steve berry and Dan Feliciano had a debate about the issues, but also got a platform for the public to get to know them.

“I stand for the rugged independents of Vermont, and I think we have to be much more self reliant and how we differ from the rest of the country is our strength," said Candidate Emily Peyton.

Peyton focused on taking money out of politics, and taking taxes off of Vermont made items.

Candidate Steve Berry thinks of himself as the modern day Mark Twain, and wants to expose what he calls the hypocrisy of politicians.

“I’m not a politician, I'm just a grandfather but I got a lot, I got two things going for me that Scott Milne does not have,” said Candidate Steve Berry. “Fire in the belly, and a lot of wisdom."

Businessman Dan Feliciano is running as a Libertarian candidate, but is also seeking to run as a write in candidate for the republican ballot.

He believes his background in health care would make him a strong candidate.

“Not only have I worked as a payer and a provider in health care it, but I'm also an operations manager as well and as well as a financial person, so I can tear apart the financial statements and the budgeting as well as anyone else," said Candidate Dan Feliciano.

The gubernatorial primary is one week from today, August 26th.

On the Democratic side, incumbent Governor Peter Shumlin is running against H. Brooke Paige.

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