Search on Lake After Car Falls through Ice

Published 03/01 2014 10:53AM

Updated 03/01 2014 11:02AM

SOUTH HERO, Vt.- Rescue crews raced to Fish Bladder Island Friday night after receiving a report of a car through the ice on Lake Champlain.

A concerned citizen in Milton made the call just before 6 P.M. The caller reported seeing a partially submerged vehicle on the lake with its headlights on.

The Grand Isle Sheriff's Department, local fire departments, the U.S. Coast Guard, and a Border Patrol helicopter quickly responded to the scene and confirmed a vehicle had broken through the ice. The windows were down, and footprints could be seen around the vehicle.

While it appeared everyone was out safely, crews donning ice rescue equipment walked one mile out to scene. They confirmed no one was in the vehicle, nor had anyone fallen through the ice.

Officials made contact with the vehicle's owner who said he and friends were on the lake earlier in the afternoon when the vehicle fell through a weak point in the ice. The men were picked up by a different friend on an ATV, but failed to report the incident to police.

Police said the car will remain in the ice until conditions are safe for it to be removed.

Officials also remind everyone that ice conditions are variable, and it is not safe to drive on the frozen lake.

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