Severe Storm Hits Rutland, Addison Counties

Published 05/27 2014 10:29PM

Updated 05/27 2014 11:09PM

RUTLAND, Vt. - Work is underway to find out how much damage a severe storm caused in Rutland and Addison Counties.

It hit communities including Bridport, Cornwall, Shoreham, and Rutland Tuesday afternoon.

Numerous tree branches were knocked down, sometimes taking out power lines. Heavy rain caused storm water to rush down West Street in Rutland.

"I've never seen anything like this. It just came so fast and it was rising, rising," says Rebecca Buonadonna, the owner of Fruition Fineries.

Buonadonna and others including firefighters worked to clear drains so the water had somewhere to go

"Your store is okay, no damge to it?" asked FOX44/ABC22's Matt Austin.

"No damage, just some water inside but we cleaned that up. So, we're good," says Buonadonna.

The storm also included hail, some as large as two inches in diameter or the size of a golf ball.

The hail appears to have broken a lamp and several windows in Rutland.

Green Mountain Power says hundreds of people lost power across Rutland and Addison Counties.

In Rutland, we caught up with Mayor Chris Louras as he began to survey the city.

"The biggest concerns in terms of damage right now is in terms of undermined infrastructure: storm sewers, grates, roads, and of course people's basements," says Louras.

The mayor says two roads and sidewalks were damaged. But it appears in the city, the damage was below the million dollars level needed for federal help.

Green Mountain Power says on Tuesday night about 800 people were without power and they should have it back before Wednesday morning.

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