State Police to Start Carrying Narcan

Published 01/31 2014 07:26PM

Updated 01/31 2014 07:30PM

WATERBURY, VT - Vermont State Police plan to start carrying a potentially lifesaving drug for people who have overdosed on opiates.

A single spray of Narcan into both nostrils can help someone start breathing again.

“It's a simple process,” Vermont State Police Colonel Tom L’Esperance said.

“There's not a lot of magic to this.”

So for Colonel L'Esperance, director of Vermont State Police it was a simple decision. State police will start carrying Narcan this spring. They'll work with the Department of Health to train the troopers on how to use it.

“This drug is about getting it to the right person at the right time and that time is when somebody is having an acute overdose,” Deputy Director of EMS Mike Leyden said.

Leyden is happy to see police pick up Narcan and says he doesn't worry about liability issues with law enforcement using the drug.

“We have some fairly sound protections in place within our Vermont statutes,” Leyden said.

One concern state police still have about the Narcan is how to keep it at the right temperature.

“Those are the things we're still trying to get our arms around to see where we can actually hold it,” L’Esperance said.

The cost isn't colossal either. At about $12 dollars a dose it would cost around $2500 to outfit 225 uniformed troopers with the drug. L’Esperance says others in state police may follow.

“When we make decisions like this it's about the entire organization and the people of Vermont so it's an easy decision for us to make,” L’Esperance said.

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