Supporters of CCTA Bus Drivers picket in Downtown Burlington

By Christine Souders |

Published 03/14 2014 07:40PM

Updated 03/15 2014 03:56PM

BURLINGTON, VT- CCTA drivers and union members said they plan to strike Monday.

An action, the board said they want to avoid, but on certain terms.

Picketers spoke about the terms late Friday afternoon by chanting the words, "What do we want? Livable jobs and better contracts. When do we want it? Now."

Members of the CCTA Solidarity Committee, UVM and Burlington High School students said they are standing up for the bus drivers demanding better work conditions.

Union members said they will not accept the last offer by the Board of Commissioners, and formally told the board they will strike Monday. A statement from the board urged union leaders to reconsider it's offer to avoid a strike, and come back to the table, this time presenting their positions to a third party, an independent arbitrator.

FOX44/ABC22 spoke with a UVM student who relies on bus service to get to and from school.

"It's about drive safety but it's also about our safety. if a driver is uncomfortable or unfocused or tired because they have a really unreasonable work contract, then i'm not going to feel safe on that bus and nobody else is," said Ruth Shafer, UVM Student. 

Click here for CCTA Contract Negotiations FAQ's.

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