Swap out Bacon for Bell Peppers, It's Heart Awareness Month

Published 02/27 2014 06:06AM

Updated 02/27 2014 06:09AM

We're talking about our hearts this month. February is all about raising awareness to the number one killer. Cardiovascular disease takes about 17 million people each year.

No surprise here, preventing it requires diet and exercise.

Fletcher Allen dieticians say you should strive for about 30 minutes, five days a week.

Getting enough sleep, and not drinking more than four cups of coffee a day can also help.

Supplements like fish oil and Vitamin D are healthy options too, especially because we don't see much sun around here!

And swapping out bacon for bell peppers should happen every once in a while because obesity can be a contributing factor to heart disease.

"Making sure you're getting your fruits and vegetables, your whole grains, good healthy fats, like olive oil. Eating nuts, like almonds and walnuts and those types of nuts to make sure you're getting some other components of the diet that are very beneficial for your heart," Cathy McIsaac said, who is a registered dietitian at Fletcher Allen.

Some good numbers to keep in mind, your blood pressure should be around 120 over 80, and you want your total cholesterol below 200.

Some good news though! The dietician says red wine is also beneficial, but she says the whole bottle should last you about a week!

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