Town of Georgia Bans Dogs and Smoking at Beach

By Christine Souders |

Published 08/11 2014 07:01PM

Updated 08/11 2014 07:14PM

GEORGIA, Vt. - Dogs and smoking are not allowed, that's what town officials are banning from the Georgia Vermont Beach.

The signs have been posted for a while, but until recently there wasn't any way to enforce the ban because it wasn't listed in the ordinance.

It's hard to miss those signs greeting you at the Georgia Municipal Recreation Park.

But some people are choosing to ignore the signs and it's becoming a problem.

"We see quite a few cigarette butts laying around, and that's disturbing because our kids like to play here," said Diane Ingham, a regular beachgoer.

"We don't need to be stepping in it. We know how some dog owners can be, they don't tend to pick up after themselves," said Dean Ingham, another beachgoer.

Recently, the oversight was discovered by the Georgia's Town Administrator.

The select board decided to specifically list the no dogs ban in the ordinance, while adding the no smoking ban too.

"We had people complaining there was smoking around the playground, where the kids are. Obviously you don't want that. There are some people that are petrified of dogs and that would deter them from going down

to the beach if they knew dogs were allowed. We want to make it a comfortable environment for everybody to go," said Krissy Jenkins, Georgia's Administrative Assistant Select Board Clerk.

She said especially if someone gets bit, that could fall back on the town.

Georgia town leaders can't enforce the rules until September 28th

They must give local residents the chance to jot down comments and drop them off at town hall.

Some beachgoers gave us their opinions regarding the bans.

"Second hand smoking is just as bad, as first hand. It should be away from everybody, like an area dedicated to that," said Hannah Manson, a beachgoer.

"A lot of people some down with their families, and they have family functions. It's nice to include a dog as part of the family," said Diane Ingham.

After September 28th, if you're caught breaking the rules you could get a ticket.

We looked around to see if there are any places dog owners can take their dogs, we're told down the street from the Georgia Beach is a spot off of Mill River Road, and the Milton Boat Access.

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