Vermont State Surplus Auction

Published 05/05 2014 10:43PM

Updated 05/05 2014 11:12PM

BERLIN, Vt. - If you're in the market for everything from a plow truck to a kayak, the State of Vermont has a deal for you.

At this state auction, there are no reserves which everything will be sold to the highest bidder.

"You name it we've got it," says Ed von Turkovich, director of Government Business Services.

von Turkovich says he's got something for you to drive away with.

"It's our annual physical auction of state surplus materials," says von Turkovich.

The director of Vermont's Government Business Services says there are about 100 items headed for the auction block. They includes snow plows, cars, trucks, kayaks, and snowmobiles. They are from different state deparments which don't need them anymore.

"These trucks have had a long life on the road but they've been maintained well," says von Turkovich.

Everything is sold 'as is' but at least the state will let you know if there is something wrong with what you want to buy.

The state dismissed the idea of switching to online. It says an in-person auction helps make sure some items end up with Vermonters.

"We get some Vermont towns that come in to buy a used piece of equipment that they can put into their fleet," says von Turkovich.

An in-person auction also gives people a chance to check things out for themselves and potentially drive away with a bargain.

"I think that these are auction prices. So, you're going to pay less here at an auction than at a used car dealership or a used truck dealership. So, these are good values for people who come to the auction," says von Turkovich.

Now you can go to the Agency of Transportation Central Garage in Berlin on Friday from 11am to 3pm to check out the items. Also Saturday from 8 to 10am.
The auction starts right at ten.

The state expects to make up to $900,000 from the auction which goes to the deparments where the equipment came from.   

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