Vt. Bill Would Force Drivers to Clear Snow, Ice

Published 02/05 2014 10:45PM

Updated 02/05 2014 11:00PM

COLCHESTER, Vt. - Piles of snow and ice on a car are a concern to Vermont legislators.

"The ice starts flying off of roofs, can cause accidents, it's a real safety hazard," says State Rep. Kurt Wright, R-Burlington.

That's why Wright and other lawmakers want to go after drivers who don't clear off their cars or trucks.

"I know states surrounding us have passed legislation like this referred to as ice missile legislation," says Wright.

Under the bill, people who don't clear their car or truck could face a fine starting at $100.

"I drive behind trucks all the time to Rutland and quite often these big sheets of ice come off. I had one happen a month ago and it hit the car to the point where I couldn't see at all. In fact, I thought I would go off the road," says State Rep. Herb Russell, D-Rutland.

If your car is damaged, or you're hurt by flying ice or snow, you would be helped by the bill. It would allow you to sue the driver at fault.

While Wright says the trucking industry has opposed similar legislation, he says this idea is an easy way to keep people from being hurt.

"The police would not be running around pulling people over because they have a speck of snow on their car or it's not completely cleared. If they could determine, they could see someone driving a car that has not been cleared and it's safety hazard," says Wright.

While this bill has been introduced, legislators say this is a busy session and the idea will likely take a couple years to pass.

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