VT Couple Wants Law Changed After 3-Year-Old Daughter Gets Bitten By Dog

By Joe Gullo

Published 03/17 2014 05:09PM

Updated 03/17 2014 05:23PM

SOUTH RANDOLPH, Vt. -  A Vermont couple wants the state's highest court to change common law after their daughter was bitten by a dog.

This was one of six cases heard at the Vermont Law School on Monday.

The girl, who was three at the time, was bitten in the face, at an Island Pond campground. Her parents want the dog owner held responsible.

The law maybe outdated and the family thinks the Vermront Supreme Court has the ability to change it and adopt a strict liability rule.

"A lot of states have incorporated statutes that enforce strict liability with various caveats but they're moving in that direction," Christopher McVeigh, Representing the girl's family, said. 

"If you adopt a strict liability standard you would have to make all sorts of judgements as to the scope of it, where it's going to apply," Jeffrey Marlin, Arguing against strict liability, said. 

The dog owner argues it's the state legislature's job to change common law.  

The court will issue a decision later.

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