Ways to Keep Drivers and Construction Workers Safe During Road Work

By Megan Carpenter | mcarpenter@nexstar.tv

Published 05/13 2014 05:26PM

Updated 05/13 2014 07:21PM

MILTON, Vt. - At the first sign of warm weather, more construction zones pop up along roads all over the region, leading to more potential for accidents. 

There are key things both drivers and construction workers can do to ensure everyone stays safe. Here are a few of the rules:
  • Slow down
  • Allow other drivers to merge ahead of you when their lane is ending 
  • Pay attention to signs
  • Stay off your cellphone, a state law in Vermont work zones

"If you're going 65 in a 50 zone, you're looking at a $300 fine and points on your license," says Vermont State Police Lt. Garry Scott.

Construction worker Mike Delaney has seen countless close calls during his 30 year career.

"All it takes is one car not to slow down and come into a work site and injure a person," says Delaney.

In order for everyone to stay safe, Delaney agrees he and his workers have to do their part.  He says they wear brightly colored vests and helmets so they're easily seen.  This gear is also an OSHA requirement. 

-Vermont's full list of OSHA's work zone dos and don'ts

-New York's full list.

-Federal list.

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