"What's on Tap?" at Simple Roots Brewing

By Brittney Hibbs

Published 08/11 2014 09:37AM

Updated 08/11 2014 10:57AM

For this week’s ‘What’s on tap?’ Brittney Hibbs is at Simple Roots Brewing in Burlington.

Dan Ukolowicz and Kara Pawlusiak, a husband and wife duo,  talk about their beer.

Brittney Hibbs: Good morning,  tell me about your beer and when you started up.

Dan: “Good morning, we started commercially in May. We started in September getting licenses and permitting and all that stuff and yeah, starting selling in May. We wanted to keep our day jobs and we didn’t want the overhead cost of renting a space so the garage was perfect. I built two rooms in the back and put up a fake wall with water and electric and it was just an easy transition.”

Brittney: “How did this idea come about? How did you say ‘let’s start up a brewing company?’

Kara: “Well, Dan has been home brewing for 10-15 years and the last four years very seriously. And was recently accepted in the school the American Brewers Guild in Vermont, and after he went to that class it was kind of known that this would be the next step. “

Dan: “Simple roots was based on just simple to style beers, so we make an American cream ale. We make  a Gose, we make a Kolsch. And they are all just simple easy drinking good sessionable, that’s the term nowadays.”

Brittney: So this one that we are drinking, the American Dream Cream style ale, what does this one taste like?

Dan: “It’s very refreshing and I think the one word that describes it is smooth, all the way through. So by the time it hits the front of your mouth, the back of your mouth, the time it goes down. It’s smooth and relaxing and makes you want to just drink more. “

Brittney: Here is to Simple Roots Brewing, and to Dan and Kara for telling us about their beer. Cheers that’s ‘What’s on Tap?’

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