With Lime Price Spike, Restaurants Spending More Money

Published 04/23 2014 10:47PM

Updated 04/24 2014 06:21PM

WAITSFIELD, Vt. - With Cinco de Mayo less than two weeks away, the price of limes is skyrocketing.

And that has restaurants spending a lot more.

"You have got to have fresh lime juice and lime on there, you know. It's like totally part of the food and part of where it comes from," says Pierre Hall, employee at The Mad Taco.

At The Mad Taco in Waitsfield, limes are needed for everything from drinks to the popular fish taco. On a busy week they will go through 100 limes or about two cases.

"That case is costing me about fifty bucks right now and it used to cost me around twenty. So, they're definitely going up a bit," says Hall.

The spike in lime prices is not just a problem here in Waitsfield. It's affecting people all across Vermont and the country.

Black River Produce in Springfield, Vermont, a supplier of limes, says expect to pay more than $130 for a case. A 500-percent increase in the past few months.

While some restaurants are being less generous with limes, Hall says that's not the case at The Mad Taco.

"Business as usual. It would be a shame to say we can't do limes because they are too expensive, you know. We just got to bite the bullet and just go for it," says Hall.

The price increase is being blamed partly on violence in a part of Mexico where a lot of limes are grown and now can't be brought to market. There's no idea of when that will end and prices will come down.

"You can't really get rid of it. You just kind of have to bare through the price increases and hope for the best. Hope it will come back around soon, someday," says Hall.

It's not just restaurants feeling the pain. United Airlines says in some cases you might be offered a lemon instead because of the shortage.

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