Woman Who Called Police Now Arrested in Hyde Park Death

Published 02/17 2014 08:46PM

Updated 02/17 2014 08:56PM

A woman was arrested for second degree murder in Hyde Park, Vermont.

23 year old Jeanette Maxfield called police before 1 a.m. Monday morning to report that 48 year old Christopher Cafferky was dead. Later in the day Maxfield was arrested in connection to his death.

Police responded to a standalone home early Monday morning after Maxfield’s call. Vermont State Police took over the death investigation while the Morrisville police department and Lamoille County Sheriff’s Office were also on scene assisting.

Police say Maxfield was taken in for questioning shortly after they arrived on scene. They say she was no stranger to Cafferky or the home on Garfield Road.

“(She was) an acquaintance of Cafferky and was living with him at this residence,” state police Major Glenn Hall said.

Police say Cafferky was stabbed in the chest but the exact cause of death is won't be confirmed until after an autopsy.

Police wouldn't discuss a possible motive, what Maxfield has originally told dispatchers during the 911 call, or whether the she were romantically linked with Cafferky.

“We're not sure again we're digging more into all the details,” state police Captain JP Sinclair said.

Both Maxfield and Cafferky were known to the Lamoille County sheriff's office, but authorities didn't elaborate further on their criminal record.

But neighbor Kimberly Jones says Cafferky's reputation was enough for to keep her family away from his home

“If he tried to hitch-hike we wouldn't pick him up,” Jones said.

“Other than that we kept to ourselves and just stayed away from there.”

Jeanette Maxfield is being held until her arraignment Tuesday afternoon. No bail has been set.

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