Video: Vermont Fish & Wildlife Release Several Orphaned Bears Back to the Wild

Plymouth, Vt. - Vermont Fish & Wildlife says several orphaned young bears that were showing up in residential areas were rehabbed and are now back in the wild. 

Wildlife officials in New Hampshire worked with Vermont officials to bring the bears to a rehab center in Lyme, New Hampshire after folks noticed the bears looked like they were malnourished and in distress. 

“We are grateful when concerned citizens report these bears to their local warden, rather than attempting to handle a wild animal themselves.  People mistakenly think that young animals are in distress and in need of rescue and they sometimes intervene directly, putting their safety and that of the animal at risk,” said Forrest Hammond, Vermont’s lead bear biologist. 

Wildlife officials say the best way you can help young bears is not to let them get accustomed to food from humans and to keep garbage secure, bear proof your bee hives, chicken coops and don’t leave out your bird feeders.   

“It’s nearly impossible to relocate or rehabilitate a bear once it associates humans with food,” said Hammond. 

We get hundreds of bear complaints a year and, while we work to find a resolution that benefits all concerned, it sometimes can have fatal consequences for the bear.  It’s up to all of us to change our behavior and remove any potential bear attractants from our yards so that young bears like these can live a wild and natural life,” added Hammond. 

Check out the pictures below of the bears being released. 

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