Voters React to Sanders Message to Stand with Her

By Rachel Aragon |

Published 07/26 2016 09:19PM

Updated 07/26 2016 09:27PM

Bernie Sanders is urging his supporters to back Hillary Clinton, but is everyone convinced?

Monday night, Sanders told his supporters they must do everything to stop Donald Trump and elect Hillary Clinton. But did it sway the Bernie or bust crowd?

“It is kind of tough for me to say what I am going to do in November because originally I was Bernie or bust," says Sanders supporter, Nate Benner.


Some of those supporters say they were thinking of writing him in until last night.

“But based on what he said about basically we have to stop Trump and that means a vote for Hillary, to me that kind of makes sense," says Benner.


Others say it’s hard to get behind Clinton after the fallout over the leaked DNC emails favoring the former Secretary of State.

"The fact that I just recently moved over to the Democratic party makes it even more discouraging," says Sanders supporter, David Mull.


But Mull says Sanders message last night to stand together against Trump resonated.

"Bernie is the shed of light that I think we should listen to, even if it means supporting someone else, if not whole heartedly," says Mull.


Others have quickly found middle ground.

"I'm going to vote for Hillary, and I am going to be calling myself a Bernie supporter,” says Emily York.
She says she never considered not going to the polls. While Bernie's wanted to be President, she says his revolution goes much deeper than the White House.

“If anything he was for social and political change and I think the worst way for that to happen would be for a Trump presidency,” says York. “I really do think that is his main concern at this point it is to make sure Trump doesn't get elected."

A handful of supporters who declined to be on camera said they are considering writing in Green Party candidate, Jill Stein.


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