West Addison Home Ripped Off Foundation by Storm

WEST ADDISON, Vt. - After heavy storms Thursday night, lots are dealing with downed trees, power lines and outages.

In West Addison, a woman's home on Potash Bay Road was ripped off its foundation.

Neighbors say it happened around 6:30 Thursday night.

Jeffrey Randall and John Breen went to check out the damage after the storm passed, and grew concerned when they saw their neighbor's home, "literally upside down."

Both men saw the home owner's car, and Randall went inside what was left of the home to find the owner.

The owner was trapped, but Randall and Breen say she was calm, and even making jokes.

"Right in that corner, she was lying there and had the pillows from the couch over her and she said, 'Well, I kept the pillows over me and I think I'm ok.' I said, 'Well don't move,' and John, I said, 'Call 911' and he did and everybody came and you know, she was so calm, I couldn't believe it," said Randall.

Neighbors in that area all appeared to be okay, despite the damage, and belongings scattered across people's front lawns. "Normally, you see the storms coming across the lake, and this one was no exception," said Breen.

Now, everyone is just ready to get back to normal.

"She's gonna rebuild. One of her family members is a builder, and they're just gonna put it back together. What are you gonna do, she's alive, that's all that matters," said Randall.

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