What's on Tap? Smugglers' Notch Distillery

- We are here in Jeffersonville Vermont where we will be testing some gin, bourbon, rum and vodka and its all here at the Smugglers Notch Distillery.

Smugglers Notch Distillery is unique in that it had fast success but also that its run by Ron and Jeremy Elliott, a father and son duo.  Jeremy who was working as a pharmaceutical chemist wanted to come up with a way to use his skills and still stay in Vermont.

"I had a goal of creating the world's best vodka," says Jeremy Elliot.

It turns out Jeremy was onto something.  Wine enthusiasts rated it the number one vodka in the country.

"It won the highest award any spirit could ever win in its first year… he was right he created the world's best vodka," says Ron Elliot.

So I had to ask what sets their vodka apart from the rest.  "You can taste the sweetness of the corn and the finish of the winter wheat."

Next came the rum, which is aged for three years and then put into once used Jim Beam bourbon barrels.  "So it gives it a bourbon nose, but it still ends sweet because it is made out of molasses," says Jeremy.

And after that came gin.   "We take our vodka, throw it back in the distill and then we make a true distilled gin."

This one took some time. The two made about 70 different blends before deciding which one to use, so they asked for help from their customers.  "We invited the general public to come in and vote on their favorite gin, and the winner is what we have right now, the 802 blend."

On May 11, they released the much anticipated bourbon.  Now with four products out on the market and an award winning vodka, the two say they couldn't have picked a better team.  "Our skill sets complement each other really well and we make a wonderful team."

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