Why Rutland Families Are Keeping Cats Indoors

By Alex Rose

Published 08/29 2014 10:38AM

Updated 08/31 2014 07:14PM

Rutland, Vt.-  They have many traits: furry, soft, playful and curious. But sometimes it's the curiosity that gets the best of cats.

“She loved going across the street, she explored," said Cat Owner Kevin Pfenning.

Kevin Pfenning in Rutland has been missing his cat in recent days.

“She loved to lay in our bathroom sink,” Pfenning said. “I don't know why, she would try to drink water from the faucet.”

When neighbors told his family they found the cat, it was a sad reality.

“He just asked if we've seen our cat, and I said no. He said well, I want to let you know, bad news, I think something, some animal had got... killed your cat,” Pfenning said.

Multiple cats in a block around Philips and Lincoln Avenues have been found dead. For some, all that was left behind was a pile of fur.

Jim Mills called Rutland City Police and believe a cat was killed by foxes in his front yard.

“They were fighting, they weren't fighting the cat, they were fighting for the cat,” Mills said. “To eat it, because half of the cat, the middle half was missing. We think they might have been scared away and that's why they didn't take away the rest of it. But the way that cat was torn up... really gets you emotional."

And neighbors including Jim Mills were startled by the damage.

“On this side of the driveway was another pile of fur,” Mills said. “Just near that was the head of a cat, and about five feet away from that was the back end section of the cat with the tail.”

Now animal control is telling owners to keep their cats in doors, especially at night.

“I just felt terrible,” Pfenning said. “I mean it's, I've lost other cats before, got hit by a car, but it just seemed different.”

Cats have been reported missing in other areas of Rutland as well.

We asked Rutland City Chief of Police James Baker if he thinks these are wild animal attacks, or if they think someone is harming these pets.

He said they are not sure.

We spoke with Rutland City Animal Control Officer Tim Jones, about what kind of animals may have caused the attacks.

He says he's heard reports of everything from foxes and fisher cats, to wild dogs.

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