Williston Trump Sign Hit With Vandalism Again

By Rachel Aragon | raragon@nexstar.tv

Published 10/27 2016 09:03PM

Updated 10/27 2016 09:42PM

A big Trump campaign sign outside the Green Mountain Clock Shop in Williston is vandalized again.

Owner Pat
Boyden patched up his Trump campaign sign Wednesday after it was slashed.

Thursday he woke up to see the sign had taped markings that read "KKK"
 and "No rape."

Boyden has reported both acts of vandalism to the police.

"It's apparent that the tolerance of people has been stretched bad with this election both ways, but the other side seems to be more vicious about it and I am very displeased with that," says Boyden. 

The Williston business owner has since taken the tape down. He is considering installing a security camera.

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