Williston's Maple Tree Place Sold for $90 Million

Williston, Vt. - For the first time in more than ten years, Maple Tree Place has new owners. The 48,000 square-foot complex is home to several chain stores including Dick’s Sporting Goods, Old Navy and Best Buy.

"This is a very active market for retail, it is great in terms of the demographic, the opportunity to bring some fresh retail to the market, I feel like there is a lot of potential there,” said Todd Anderton, Cypress Equities.

There are also several empty storefronts on the property. The new owners say filling them is top priority.

Anderton said, "Our hope is to in the near future just refresh that project overall and bring a more enhanced retail experience to the market."

According to shoppers, the green space the retail center offers needs improvement.

"Love the outside, it seems they have put a lot of work into the grounds but it does not really lead anywhere so it would be nice to have some more activity there,” said Carol Emery.

Patricia Dollmatsch added, "They have music out on the green several times during the summer that brings in a lot of people not just for the music but for the shopping and all it, I think it brings them back every year."

Revamping the outdoor space is also a goal of the property's new owners.

"We really want to bring more of a community flavor back to the green, activate more events, more promotions and more things that would promote foot traffic if we promote foot traffic we enhance sales,” explained Anderton.

Cypress wants to bring a balance of restaurants and retail to Maple Tree Place.

Emery said, "I love the idea of having some more restaurants, my preference would be to get some local restaurants and non-chain restaurants.”

"It has been great to see the growth and the changes, I think it will be even better to have more areas for eating and shopping,” said Dollmatsch.

In the coming months, Anderton says Cypress hopes to visit with shoppers in Williston as well as work with community leaders to determine the exact future of Maple Tree Place.

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