You Ask. We Take Action: Mail delivery delays in the Burlington area

BURLINGTON, Vt. - You Ask. We Take Action.

Bill McGrath, from Burlington’s South End, emailed us at because his neighborhood had been experiencing a mail delivery delay since Christmas.

He posted online about it too and heard from several neighbors, including Juan Mier, who had the same problem: just a few deliveries a week.

“About a month ago, they started going down to two or three. And then a week ago, right after Christmas, forget it,” said McGrath.

"Maybe 9oclock at night at that or 10oclock at that," said Mier.

"Then we didn't get mail until Wednesday and then we didn't get it on Thursday,” explained McGrath.

All mail from South Burlington, Winooski and Pine Street (in Burlington) stations will be delivered by Tuesday, according to Christine Dugas, strategic communications specialist from US Postal Service.

Several consecutive weather events, including the bitter cold snap and snow storms, had a serious impact on the Burlington area.

Carriers are instructed to not deliver mail if it is not safe to do so, due to icy walkways or uncleared paths. "They're not talking about us,” said McGrath.” “[We were told] the post office was short of carriers. And they've also had a couple carriers injured because of the steps not being clear and they've injured themselves."

“It is imperative that customers clear their mailboxes in order to receive mail,” said Dugas in a statement. “Curbside boxes must be cleared to allow the carrier to place the mail in the box, without leaving the vehicle, and to pull forward onto the roadway, without the need for backing. Walkways should be salted and sanded to avoid injury.”

McGrath says he has received his mail on schedule since late last week.

If something is happening in your community that you want to see addressed, email us at You Ask. We Take Action.

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