You Ask. We Take Action: Pothole dilemma

Rough roads, potholes appearing left and right.

As temperatures rise, and surfaces begin to thaw, water is able to seep into place it wasn't able to before. That is how potholes begin to form, and they can cause more than headaches.

 "I really try to avoid them at all cost," said Janett McEacharn a motorist traveling to Vermont from her home of Londonderry, New Hampshire.

Now starts the early season for potholes, inconveniencing drivers, and potentially putting your car at risk.

"I think towns and states should be stepping up, we don't want to risk lives from problem induced potholes," said McEacharn. Though, she does understand these things do happen.

"We've had this thawing and rain, and it get's into the pot holes, and traffics makes it even bigger," according to road foreman Mark Russell of Williston.

Russell tells us, he has crews working during the quiet weather of Monday on filling potholes, before the next storm arrives.

 "It's like a band-aid. Then eventually they will have to be paved," said Russell. Right now, crews are laying down coal patch on problem spots.

It's a vicious cycle, because as we see rising and falling temperatures with snow or rain, potholes will continue to form. From your side roads, to your well traveled state roads.

"The crew has been out, straight with snow and ice. It leaves very little time for them to get to the pot holes," said Dan Shepard, general manager for VTrans District 5 garage.

"They fill them in, then we get a snow and rain event, the water gets underneath and pops patch they put in, back out," said Shepard.

Shepard tells us, while we are taking steps to repair these potholes today, the big fixes will come this spring.

As for McEacharn, she tells us she saw no issues driving I-89 north from New Hampshire through Vermont.

"Pretty clear actually, I haven't had any problems," said McEacharn.

Which is music to Shepard's ears.

"The crew take great pride in getting the stuff done, and not having a car get damaged from a pot hole that is why they don't mind going out there," said Shepard.

With continued fluctuation in temperatures, it's normal to keep seeing new pot holes form. If you are dealing with road issues, you are asked to contact your towns road foreman. If you live on a state road, you should get in touch with Vtrans.

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