You Ask. We Take Action: Rough ride on Dorset Street

Number of potholes continue to grow on Dorset Street in South Burlington

South Burlington, Vt. - South Burlington's Dorset Street may feel like driving on the surface of the moon, with the numerous potholes. You asked, and we took action. Good news, a new pavement project for the busy road is in the works.

On Friday, we caught up with Aili Beeli, at Healthy Living in South Burlington. She describes the condition of Dorset Street to be difficult and challenging.

Beeli, a resident of South Burlington commutes the section of Dorset Street (near the University Mall) on a daily basis. There is one road that Beeli says, is in worse shape than Dorset.

"Market Street, getting to the school is really a problem," said Beeli.

Her frustration of the roads goes beyond comfort, it's about safety.

"You have to swerve (to avoid potholes), you have to make sure you are not getting into the other lane.  Protect your car, and your kids. It's not good," she said.

We took action, taking those concerns to the City of South Burlington's Justin Rabidoux. Rabidoux is the public works director and city engineer.

"The freeze thaw cycle, and the movement that it causes is a huge detriment to pavement conditions," Rabidoux said.

This winter certainly hasn't helped drivers, additionally the age of the pavement is a cause for concern. Typically only lasting for 10-12 years, which Dorset Street is seeing a similar age on it's pavement.

"In those last one or two years (of the life cycle), as we are seeing today, things start to deteriorate," he said.

Repaving Dorset Street is on the books for summer 2019, starting near the intersection of Dorset Street and Williston Road.

The project could take up to three years to complete because of the large bill associated with the task, and the dense traffic.

Until then, small projects are in the works to smooth out the road in the near term.

"Once things warm up a bit we can do more permanent fixes, and this will all be in the rear view mirror," he said.

For those living in South Burlington, you can call to report a problem with your area road: 802.658.7961

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