Fox 44/ABC 22 HS Athletes of the Week: U-32's Andrew Danyew & Tyler Elliot

Fox 44/ABC 22 HS Athletes of the Week: U-32's Andrew Danyew & Tyler Elliot

The U-32 Co-Captains Andrew Danyew and Tyler Elliot are this week's Fox44/ABC22 Athlete of the Week.

They grew up in the game together, and now Andrew Danyew and Tyler Elliot are captains of the back-to-back defending state champion U-32 Raiders.

"Yeah, I've known Tyler since first or second grade," said Danyew, "we started playing together. We hung out a lot when we were little."

"I've known him for a long time, played hockey with him for probably ten years now," added Elliot.

But after losing 8 seniors, the title of Captain is a privelege, that comes with a lot of pressure with the chance of a three-peat.

"We're just going to have to keep everyone focused for the big picture. We might lose a game here and there but at the end the most important game is that final game. That's what we're striving for. That's what we've strived for the past two years.

Raiders Head Coach Dave Pickel loves that each of his captains brings a different set of skills. For Andrew:

“He’s a leader on and off the ice. He’s a good student athlete. The student comes first. He does well in school and when he is on the ice he leads by example giving 110 percent.”

“Tyler he motivates the younger kids. Gets the kids to go to the gym, to do their plyometrics and their weight training. And he also has the innate ability to slow the game down. He has great control with the puck.”

But above all else, the key to success is chemistry, and these two leaders have plenty of it.

“It’s a challenge to be a captain. I mean there’s a lot of responsibility. You have to lead the team, but knowing that I have someone to help me who I have a lot of trust in is definitely helpful and gives good support when you need it.”

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