Fox 44/ABC 22 HS Athlete of the Week: Essex Captain Honors Late Teammate with #22

The Essex soccer program chose Eric Lamphere to wear #22 to honor and carry on the legacy the late Brad Nadeau.
Essex, VT -- Eric Lamphere is this week's Fox 44/ABC 22 High School Student-Athlete of the Week. The Essex soccer program chose Lamphere to wear the number-22 to honor and carry on the legacy the late Brad Nadeau.

 "After having a terrible knee injury his junior year, he was really looking forward to coming back his senior year, and ended up having an undiagnosed heart condition that unfortunately took his life." remembers Essex Head Coach Scott Mosher. "We made a decision in those ensuing weeks, what can we do game to game and season to season? And of course the first thought was, well why don't we retire his number? And the players really pushed back from that and said boy I don't think Brad would want his number sitting in the closet. I think he'd want it to be on somebody's back."

The team chose their captain, Eric Lamphere to wear #22 in 2013.

"He exmplified all the characteristics that Brad had. Being a quiet leader, he was voted captain of the team." says Mosher.

"I feel like he was definitely the right guy, says senior Connor Calhoun. "He really gives 100 percent on the field and he really works hard, just like Brad did."

"I didn't know they were going to keep the jersey going until that night when I got the award." Lamphere says. "And it was obviously an honor. It motivates me a lot. Every day I'm putting on the number 22 and I think about Brad and I think about how hard he worked, and I try to work as hard as he did."

Essex also memorialized Nadeau with a stone bench near the field. The team gathers around the bench before every game.

"One of the ideas was to have some type of memorial and we wanted to do that by the field," explains Mosher. "Which is this beautiful marble bench. And of course the appropriate place to put it would be right by our dugout. We want to remember Brad in a positive light. And we want not only the current generation of soccer players but guys that come through this system, five years, ten years, twenty years from now and know of Brad and what he meant to the program."

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