72-Year Old Slam Poet Plans to Run 5 Marathons in 5 States in 5 Days

Published 05/08 2014 11:08PM

Updated 05/09 2014 08:43AM

Montpelier, VT -- 72-year old Montpelier resident Newton Baker has a long week ahead of him. Next week he's running the New England Challenge: 5 marathons in 5 states in 5 days plus a 6th marathon in a 6th state on Monday. He'll run in Portland, ME on Monday, Nashua, NH on Tuesday, Warwick, RI on Wednesday, Hartford, CT on Thursday and the Old Colony Marathon in Springfield, MA on Friday. He'll take Saturday off before running the Shires of Vermont Marathon in Bennington on Sunday. 

"The idea is do all of them but I'll accept whatever happens. It will be an adventure." Baker said in Montpelier.

If he seems relaxed, he is.

"There are races that go way beyond this. 2 day, 3 day, 6 day, 10 day. And there's a 3100 mile race. So, you better be humble about the statistics you put up. They're just numbers."

Just like 72 is 'just a number.' Newton believes it. He's battled prostate cancer and leukemia, a severely sprained ankle and a throat affliction that affects his voice. None of it has affected his heart. 

"It just proves with the luck of good genes which I definitely have." Baker said. "That you can still do things. That's probably the point. Get older, keep moving, walk. Do something."

Baker will also run the Vermont City Marathon on May 25th, giving him 7 marathons in two weeks.

He's also an accomplished slam poet and shared a relevant verse:

People are saying you're almost there.
They have no idea how much I don't care.
Just bring me a gurney, a nurse, a wheelchair.
I've got the run on marathon blues. "

"I may be singing that this weekend." said Baker.

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