Fox 44/ABC 22 HS Athlete of the Week: Essex's Kathleen Young

Published 12/11 2013 07:06PM

Updated 01/22 2014 02:48PM

Essex, VT --- A state championship in year one, another title game in year two and 6 goals in 2 games to start year three. That's a pretty good start to Essex junior Kathleen Young's HS hockey career. Young is our Fox 44/ABC 22 Athlete of the Week. 

"On our first two games she's put six pucks in the net." said Essex head coach John Maddalena. "It doesn't get much better than that. As a freshman she was one of the leading scorers of the team. She's just so quick she has great hands and is a great athlete."

Ice hockey comes naturally to Kathleen but she believes her future is on the field.

"My favorite sport is field hockey," Young said. "and I'm looking to play field hockey in college."

Though she says there's something special about being on ice.

"I mean the speed is definitely exhilarating." Kathleen explained. "You're just going so fast because you're flying out there. Plus it's just such a game of teamwork. When those passes connect it's just the best feeling."

"Part of her success is her enthusiasm and her aggressiveness for the puck." said Maddalena. "She's very aggressive to the puck and that's hard to teach. Not only does she have skills but she wants that puck."

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