Fox 44/ABC 22 HS Athlete of the Week: MMU's Molly Shallow

Published 01/08 2014 06:51PM

Updated 01/22 2014 02:48PM

Jericho, VT --- Leading the way for Mt. Mansfield nordic skiing this year is senior captain Molly Shallow, the Fox 44/ABC 22 HS Athlete of the Week. 

"She's very enthusiastic, a great leader." said MMU head coach Eric Barker. "She's a great athlete for all of the other skiiers to role model themselves after. 

"We're a pretty tight team, I mean we all train together and a lot of us run cross country together in the fall." said Molly Shallow after Monday's race at Cochran's Ski Area. "So we spend a lot of time together. And it's been quite a few years since I've trained with most of these girls, since like 7th or 8th grade."

Nordic skiing is both a team and an individual competition and MMU's success has come from sticking together on their way towards the top. 

"Working off of each other instead of going at it alone." said Shallow. "It makes it a lot easier to have people around you can catch up to or are always behind you pushing you." 

Through her experience at MMU, Molly has learned the most important part of leadership. 

"I learned not only how important it is to keep the team together training wise but to keep the morale up." Molly said. "Just to keep everyone happy with each other. It's important to have everyone know each other really well and be comfortable with each other."

At race time, Molly keeps a unique perspective.

"I tend to try and be more relaxed at races." explained Shallow. "I get really nervous but I help cope with it by being more relaxed so that I can help other people not freak out. I focus on who I can catch who I don't want to catch me. And there's some really good opponents out there from other teams and I focus on keeping them in my sight to chase them down so that I have a person to keep me going up the hill."

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