Barefoot Runner 1-Year into Journey to End of the World

Published 07/08 2014 09:44PM

Updated 07/09 2014 12:05AM

Oaxaca, Mexico -- One year ago, you may have driven right by him on Route 7. You would have never known that Joseph Michael Kai-Tsu Liu Roqueni was on a quest to run barefoot (mostly) from Montreal to Ushuaia, Argentina otherwise known as the end of the world. Liu Roqueni is still going. We met him for the first time a year ago this week in Milton. Today he is south of Oaxaca, Mexico. One thing he's learned through 3 countries and nearly 3,000 miles is that people are good.

Most of the people. I would say 98-99% of the people are essentially good." he said from Mexico. "And they, you know, when they see someone that is in need they just give themselves. They want to help. I think that's one of the best things that I experienced."

He has been counting on the goodness of others for food and lodging during his journey. He has received a lot of donated nights and meals from hotels and restaurants along his route and been taken in for a night or two by friends and family. The goodness of others have also led him on some grand adventures within his grand adventure. 

"I met these marine guys in Virginia." he said. "On the weekends they work at this sky-diving company at Sky Dive Myrtle Beach. So three weeks after I'm in Myrtle Beach and I went sky-diving with these guys."

Liu Roqueni has had to adapt and adjust his original plan. He tweaked his route more than a few times. After a couple weeks running with a backpack he switched to a baby buggy to carry his gear. He's even worn the thinnest of sandals for his runs after getting a small piece of glass lodged into his foot. 

"Anything that I have to do to make sure that I make it to the end of the world safely, I'll do it." Liu Roqueni said.

He says the people he's met along the way helps keep him running towards the end of the world. 

"People are telling me their own personal stories. How they got motivated to do this or that. So, that inspires me too. It pushes me to keep moving forward and I love that."

(Photo Courtesy: Joseph Michael Kai-Tsu Liu Roqueni)

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