From Middlebury to the Super Bowl: Seattle K Steven Hauschka

Published 01/21 2014 10:10PM

Updated 01/21 2014 11:45PM

Middlebury, VT -- It's not your typical NFL story. Cut from the soccer team his freshman year at Division III Middlebury College, Steven Hauschka tried out for football his sophomore year. He quickly went from first-time kicker to two-time all-conference kicker and punter, Middlebury's field goal record holder and a COSIDA Academic All-American.

Then Hauschka took that extra year of eligibility he retained by being cut from the soccer team and enrolled in grad school at NC State and kicked for the Wolfpack football team. 

 He signed with the Vikings out of NC State and seven pro teams later (including one in the AFL), Hauschka is kicking for the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

"It certainly wasn't the first thing coming to your mind that he was going to end up in the Super Bowl but by his senior year he was a very impressive kicker." said 13-year Middlebury College football head coach Bob Ritter.

How Hauschka got from Alumni Stadium at Middlebury to Metlife Stadium for the Super Bowl may be hard from some to wrap their minds around. Thought it's probably not hard for Hauschka himself. He has a degree in neuroscience.

"He volunteered to do research in my lab. So he was a neuroscience major." said Middlebury College Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience Marcia Collaer. "And I was like, sure. I told him what we did in the lab and said it's about how people think about space and spatial relations and that was interesting to him because he had just finished preparing for the dental exam."

Even with dental school on the horizon, Hauschka felt another calling. 

"I remember when he came in one time and said he had this crazy idea that," Professor Collaer recalled to Fox 44/ABC 22 Tuesday. "Even though he'd been preparing for dental school that he was thinking maybe he would want to try out as a field goal kicker in the NFL. And we're known for a lot of things at Middlebury. We have great language programs, environmental studies and good science programs and all these sorts of things. But we're not known for putting out NFL players. And so, after we talked about know, he said it's kind of crazy. And I said, but it seems like the time to try it. You know? Go for it."

He sure has gone for it. This season he was 33-35 on field goals for the Seahawks and has been a perfect 6-6 in the postseason.

"We would love to see it come down to the last minute field goal and have him kick it. I think that would just be a great event." said Coach Ritter.

Could he do it?

"Oh, he'd absolutely do it. He'll be automatic."

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