PGA Championship Tip-Hitting a Draw

For years, your humble reporter has been a left to right golfer. OK, I'll just come out and admit it--I'm a slicer.

Two swings with Neil Reidy from Cobblestone Creek Country club and I hit a draw. On purpose.

The key is actually in the stance and grip. "For a right handed player, the left hand is going to be in a position where you can see two knuckles on your left hand and the logo on the glove," Reidy says. "Another great checkpoint is the V's created by your forefinger and your thumb on both your hands should be pointed towards your right shoulder."

When taking your stance the club should be pointed directly towards the target in the same way if you were going to hit the shot straight. However, the stance should be slightly closed.

"Aligh the body a little to the right (of your target) so the feet, the hips and the shoulders are all pointed a little right of the target," Reidy says. "That's going to allow the club to work more on an inside path coming in to the golf ball."

The easiest trick is to try and swing along the your toe line. When you look down to address the ball, the front foot will be a couple inches closer to the ball then the back. If the swing path is along the toes, then it's a proper draw swing.

If you're not sure you are making a proper draw swing, check your divot. "You want to make sure your divot is the same line as your feet," Reidy says. "Make sure the divot is parallel to your feet."

For more tips and information, check out the Western NY PGA website.

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