PGA Championship Tip-More Consistent Swing

Golf is all about curves according to Sean Lalley. It's curved swing impacting a round ball and trying to make it go in a straight line. Or as close to straight as possible.

Everyone's swing curves downward toward the ball. The key, according to Mendon Golf Club's Head Pro, is finding the low point of the swing. Reaching that low point consistently, with the ball properly placed in the path of the swing results in a good ball striker.

"A lot of times we'll see the club come down and start to come up a little bit (before impact)," Lalley says. "This will present the leading edge of the club to the ball. (This causes) a lot of thin shots. We've all hit them. What we want to do is hit the ball with the club leaning a little bit toward the target so we can strike the ball first before hitting the turf."

It would be easier if the ball was at shoulder level, because the arms want to follow the plane of the shoulders. However, a golf swing involves that plane at nearly a 90-degree angle from the line drawn between the shoulders while a players is standing straight. However, gravity becomes an asset to the proper swing at this angle.

"You've got the geometry, the physics of it all working in your favor if you allow that to happen," Lalley says.

Once we find the low point of the swing, the ball should be placed just behind it in the stance. We want the club to contact the ball before the turf on the very end of the downward portion of the swing. For driver, the ball would be positioned just in front of the low point, so the club makes contact as the upswing begins.

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